We’re back! This summer we both thought that we’ll have time to blog more since we graduated from high school. Boy we were wrong! Besides the fact that we didn’t have a computer. 

Before we knew it summer was over. Today is move in day! I love that we chose a college that had our major and a college that was close to home. Not too close, but close enough. Yes, we are dorming together. We’ve been sharing a room for 18 years so it just seems easier to share a dorm. Plus, we don’t have to worry about a crazy roommate trying to kill one of us. Here is how we decorated our room so far. Our very first day of being college students is on August 25th where we will be majoring in Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising. We’ll be blogging much more (we promise) now that we finally have our own laptop!

Dorm shopping is always fun and stores like target, k-mart, ikea, and wal-mart will have everything you need. Exploring the internet and blogs such as pinterest, instagram, and tumblr are helpful for diy projects and decorations (because no one wants to sit in a boring room) and you'll be living there for about 8 months so being comfortable is most important. Don't panic if you can't  find decorations in stores, try going on ebay, etsy, or amazon (super cheap stuff and free shipping!)

Oh yeah, we reached our 2nd year of blogging on Twin Vibes (Woot Woot)!

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  XOXO, Christal & Christina

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  1. congrats on the second year of twinvibes and good luck with college!! xx