Hey guys! Christina & I started school today. For many of our followers and readers you may have already started school, about to go back to school, or are officially done with school. For those who have to go back and those that have already finished all thought about first day of school outfits. We’ve all done it. On the first day back every one wants to show off their style and fresh new clothes, but it only lasts for a week. That’s because you guys are so eager and wear your new clothes in one week and start repeating the same outfits next week. 

Here are a few tips:

On the first day of school from now on mix it up a bit. Wear some of your new clothes and old clothes together so that way you have more options and won’t run out of your fresh new clothes. This way it’ll last longer than a week. You don’t have to do it just for back to school shopping, make it a habit and stretch out your clothes options for future events or parties.

When you’re comfortable you’re confident. A lot of people over-do it when showing off their style at school on the first day because they bought so many clothes and don’t know how to act. When getting your outfits together remember to dress comfortable because on the first day you’re getting used to finding your classes, finding your clique, and finding yourself. So don’t go walking around in 5 inch stilettos, short shorts, or mini crop top.

Three times out of ten, no one remember the clothes you wore from the previous year. With that said, go and try it out. Explore your closet, experiment, be creative, and put different outfits together using the clothes you bought with the clothes you already have. We both do this every year and it’s worked out successfully.

Can you guess what’s new and what’s old?  Exactly you can’t! Christal is wearing 1.) NEW boyfriend jeans  from Cotton On, 2.) NEW oxfords from Forever21, 3.) OLD button down shirt from the thrift store,  & an 4.) OLD Varsity jacket from Forever21. Christina is wearing 1.) OLD Jean Button up from Forever 21, 2.) NEW Black crop tops from H&M, 3.) NEW black jeans from GAP, & 4.) OLD Dr. Martens.

See without stating which of our garments were old and new you guys wouldn’t have had a clue. With that being said, try it out the next time you go shopping.

XOXO, Christal & Christina

What did you wear on your first day of school?

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