It may be summer vacation for many, but not for us since we are both working in retail. For starters we love surrounding ourselves around clothes and we are both fashion majors and wanted to get as much experience possible. It is so weird adjusting to the idea of not working together since we do everything together. We have all of the same classes, same friends, and we share the same room. We are working at two completely different malls and to completely different stores. I (Christal) got a job at Forever 21 and Christina got hired at GAP.  It was very uncomfortable at times considering the fact that we are very close and have always done things together, but it was bound to happen sooner or later.

Christal's Look: 1.) Black halter crop top from H&M, 2.) Suede long shorts from H&M, & 3.) Black sandals.

Christina's Style: 1.) Black long sleeve from Forever 21, 2.) Grey harem pants from Urban Outfitters, & 3.) Black Jeffrey Campbell Zomg shoes from Solestruck.com.

Christal & Christina 


It feels great being on summer vacation and what better way to enjoy a beautiful day than at the beach? Us and a couple of our friends went exploring the other day and found this really cool spot close by the water. We felt that our outfits had a nice bohemian feel to it with the patterns and colors in Christal's pants and in Christina's poncho. It is warming up so don't forget to stay cool, add colorful patterns, and funky shoes to make your outfit pop a little more.

Christal's Look: 1.) Fringed jacket, 2.) Black crop top from Forever21, 3.) Tribal pants from Urban Outfitters, 4.) Fanny pack from Ebay, & Platforms from Urban Outfitters.

Christina's Style: 1.) Poncho from Asos, 2.) Black crop top, 3.) Harem sweats from GAP, & 4.) Creepers.

*All photos were taken by the Ashton & Dillon
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Christal's Look: 1.) Faux leather jacket from Forever21, 2.) #5 sweater from Forever21, 3.) Skort from Forever21, 4.) Black boots from Asos, & Glasses from www.giantvintage.com.
Christina's Style: 1.) Sweater from Thrift Store, 2.) Jean jacket, 3.) Black velvet leggings, 4.) Black boots from Asos, & 5.) Glasses from www.giantvintage.com.

*All photos were taken by the Ashton & Dillon
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Christal's Look: 1.) Black lace kimono: Urban Outfitters, 2.) Black pants: H&M,  3.) Sandals

Christina's Style: 1.) Black dress: Urban Outfitters, 2.) Grey Crop top, & 3.) Sandals

*All photos were taken by the Ashton & Dillon
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As bloggers we have to balance a couple of things including school, work, family, friends, and making sure we have enough time to blog. While being in college we both learned how to balance blogging with other aspects in life, but sometimes it doesn't work out the way we want it to. Meaning there are days where we just want to relax and this is strongly presented by the way we dress. We as bloggers have those "we don't feel like doing anything" days and during that time you'll most likely see us in comfortable clothes like hoodies, sweats, simple t-shirt, and a simple pair of jeans. It gets like that sometimes, its apart of life I guess haha.

Christal's Look: 1.) Cropped hoodie, 2.) Boyfriend jeans from Cotton On, 3.) Leather cap from Ebay, & 4.) New Balances

Christina's Style: 1.) Los Alamitos sweater from thrift store, 2.) Sweats from http://hoodsection.bigcartel.com, & 3.) Sandals.

* All photos were taken by Nicole Goudarzian you can email and follow her on instagram: goudarzian18@gmail.com and @nnnsleepless.


Christal's Look: 1.) Mustard yellow cat beanie from Ebay, 2.) Sweater from Forever 21, 3.) Riding pants from American Apparel, & 4.) Boots from Asos.

Christina's Style: 1.) Gray beanie from Forever 21, 2.) Black dress from Urban Outfitters, 3.) Button up shirt from thrift store, & 4.) Sneakers from H&M.

*All photos were taken by Nicole, follow her on instagram: @nnnsleepless


Yesterday us and a couple of friends took a trip to the 23rd Annual Pan African Film & Arts Festival at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza. We actually came here last year and was amazed! There's plenty of creative people selling their jewelry, clothes, natural beauty products, and art. The festival lasts until February 16th, so those of our followers and viewers that live in the area should stop by and check it out. New post = new video on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wytJDmKXuaU. Make sure you all watch, comment, like, & subscribe!

Christal's Look: 1.) Blue African button-up shirt hand-made, 2.) Blue varsity jacket, 3.) Blue jeans from GAP, & 4.) Gold loafers from Forever21.

Christina's Style: 1.) Jean button-up from Forever21, 2.) Mom jeans from thrift store, & 3.) Cheetah loafers from Forever21.

*Photos and video were taken by Erin.


Christal & Christina