Running Roshes

Roshe Runs aren't just meant for running. If you look at some of our previous posts, you will notice that we hardly wear any type of tennis shoes or sneakers and believe it or not, these are actually our first pair. Roshe Runs are shoes created by Nike and have a ton of different designs and styles adaptable for just about everyones style.  Since we typically shy away from fluorescent and bright shoes, we bought black, which makes it easier for us to dress them up with a printed blazer, or dress them down with a pair of joggers.

Roshe Runs are the most comfortable shoes that are perfect for walking across campus and can be found online at Nike.com or in any local shoe store in a mall. Depending if you want to customize a pair, they can cost $30 - $200.

Christal's Look 1.) Black crop top from H&M 2.) Printed Blazer from DD's 3.) Black Pants from H&M 4.) Gold Chain from Charlotte Russe 5.) Black/White Roshe Runs from Nike

Christina's Style 1.) Black crop top from H&M 2.) Black Varsity Jacket from Forever21 3.) Joggers from Ross 4.)Black Roshe Runs from Nike

Christal & Christina


Japanese Garden

One of our favorite things about our university is the Japanese Garden that is located right across the street from our dorms. Not only is it beautiful, but its also calming. As soon as you walk in you're surrounded by a huge pond full of koi fish, waterfalls, and ducks. Whenever we're stressing with school, we just sit by the water and talk.

Christal's Look 1.) a cream cardigan from Tattered, 2.) Black crop top from H&M, 3.) Leather shorts from H&M, & 4.) Cheetah loafers from Forever 21.

Christina's Style 1.) a black velvet Kimono, 2.) Grey crop top from H&M, 3.) Red pants from H&M, 4.) sandals, & 5.) Cat ears from Ebay

Christal & Christina


Hats and Things

This semester is half way over and we're slowly adapting to the transition from high school to college. At our school everyones outfit consists of sweatpants, yoga pants, hoodies, basketball shorts, and t-shirts, which makes us feel like we're over doing it a bit with our wardrobe.  We've even thought about throwing in our hats and dressing like everyone else, until someone told us, "Just do you". I know it may sound cliche but its true! Don't feel like you have to change who you are just to fit in. Just continue to be yourself and everything else will naturally fall into place. 

Christal's Look 1.) black hat from Forever21, 2.) plaid button up from thrift store, 3.) faux leather leggings from thrift store, 4.) black boots from asos.

Christina's Style 1.) black hat from asos, 2.) white button up, 3.) polka dot cardigan from thrift store, 4.) printed leggings from Forever21, 5.) black creepers.

Christal & Christina


Walking Pavements

These shoes are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do! Comfy, fashion forward shoes are essential for any outfit and can really enhance an overall look. Since walking out of the house without shoes on is hardly an option, be sure your feet make a daring statement. This being said, buying trendy shoes doesn't have to break your bank. As a college student, being frugal does not have to get in the way of looking great and having award winning shoes. 

Sales, Sales, Sales! - When looking for shoes, be sure to give every store a chance. Look out for sales, marked down prices, buy 1 get 1 free deals, or free shipping opportunities. I guarantee every one of your favorite stores will have sales before, during, or after holidays. So be patient and try to wait until then. Buying a couple of shoes for the price of one makes any shopping trip worthwhile. 

Shoe Care - Keep your shoes and feet happy! After buying shoes, make an effort to take care of them so they last longer. Not only will you save money, but you won't have to see any of your favorite shoes get thrown away. Eliminating how often you wear a pair of shoes will also prevent them from being worn out, which will again, save you money and keep your shoes in good condition.

*Each pair were purchased on sale, under $20 at Urban Outfitters, Forever21, and local Swap meet. 

 Where are your favorite places to purchase shoes?

Christal & Christina


Brick Walls

Christal's Look 1.) over-sized blue jean jacket, 2.) purple crop top from H&M, 3.) hand-made floral shorts, 4.) oxfords from Forever21

Christina's Style 1.) blue polka-dot shirt, 2.) black & white cigarette pants, 3.) black creepers

Christal & Christina


Chyna Matheny

Chyna • Matheny            noun              \ˈCHī,/

: Virginia

: 18 years old

: Very bright colorful, Funky, Cliche Tourist looks, Cutesy Cartoonish

synonyms:  fun, carefree, daring

For more looks check out Chyna's Youtube Channel: The Chyfox Show and Instagram: @Chyfox


Twin Power

Jalan & Jibril Durimel

*These photos do not belong to us, they were retrieved from the blogs listed above.

We always get asked, "How does it feel to be twin?" Being a twin is great for many reasons!
1. You're born with a best friend. Everywhere you go, especially in new environments you have your twin sister to be with. You can be somewhere when you know absolutely no one, but if you have a twin you already know someone.
2. Share clothes. Your closet automatically expands because you have a twin that just happens to be the same size as you and similar style.
3. Have someone to blog with. Of course blogging by yourself is cool but if you have someone that looks exactly like you to blog with is even COOLER!

We get A LOT of interesting questions about being twins, these are just a few we get quite often.

FAQ's we receive:

1.) Who's the oldest and by how many minutes?
-Christal's the oldest by 14 minutes.

2.) When's your Birthday?
-January 22nd

3.) If one twin gets hit, can the other twin feel it?
-No, lol that would be crazy cool. But no, we are still two different individuals.

4.) Do you guys have twin telepathy?
-No, We don't sit up there and read each others minds, but sometimes we are able to feel each others emotions and sometimes say things at the same time but thats about it.

5.) Who's the mean and nice twin?
-It varies lol. But most of the time Christina is the mean twin & Christal is the nice twin.

6.) Are you guys Identical or Fraternal twins?
-We are identical twins.

7.) Do you both share each others clothes?
-Yes! All the time. 

We wouldn't be able to have Twin Vibes without one another. We enjoy seeing other twins collaborating and blogging as one.
Here are our favorite twin bloggers..

Christal & Christina