Spin Cycle

We woke up super early to take pictures at the laundromat. Both of our outfits were purchased at the Goodwill except for our tank tops which were purchased at Forever21 and H&M, and our shoes  that were purchased at asos.com and drmartens.com 

*Big thanks to our close friend Val for taking the time out to take every single one of these photos and for taking us to in-n-out, she is truly talented and appreciated. #splitsontrees


Happiest Place On Earth

If you ever come to California, make sure to visit Disney Land. Just like the movies, everything there is full of happiness and joy. When you go, make sure to bring your camera, lot's of money, and comfortable shoes. Everything taste better at Disney Land, even their water fountain water taste like heaven.  We've been a hand full of times, but for our grad nite we got the chance to stay from 8am- 4am the following morning and experience everything. Despite the walking lol, hanging out with our senior class made up for it and it was truly a night to remember.

We wanted to incorporate our outfits to Disney Land while being fashionable, simple, and comfortable all at the same time. Christal was inspired by Minnie Mouses dress and made her flannel, while Christina made Mouse ears out of pearls. When you're comfortable you're confident, and we think that's very important, especially in the fashion world.

Thank you Valerie & Miguel for taking our pictures!


Black Flowers

I know ... when do you you ever see the Cotton Twins wearing a long dress/ or skirt? lol You aren't dreaming, it's real life. Both outfits were purchased at Urban Outfitters on sale and forcing ourselves out of our comfort zones, we both decided to buy it. Actually both outfits are made with thin fabric which makes outfit perfect for every season.

Christal's Look: 1.) Basics black crop top from H&M 2.) Floral skirt from Urban Outfitters 3.) Black Jelly sandals.

Christina's Style: 1.) Black cut-out dress from Urban Outfitters 2.) Black sandals from H&M 3.) Spiked head-band from shoplioness.


Chantel Cardoso

Chantel • Cardoso         noun        \Shäntel Kärdôsō/

: Mississippi, Ontario (Canada)

:19 years old

: An open minded individual that believes creativity is a beautiful form of expression that can be translated in different forms of art such as fashion. Likes to extract different pieces from different eras implementing it into her own personal style.

Synonyms: vintage, old school, throwback with a kick

For more looks follow Chantel on instagram: @tribecalledsoul 


Stairway Saturdaze

Who doesn't love an outrageous pattern? Just like a museum, you guys are a walking piece of art. We personally love crazy colors and prints, especially during the spring and summer. It also allows us to accomplish the 80s/90s style(which is our favorite)

Bold patterns with crazy colors will give you the chance to simplify and die down any outfit. Don't over do it. Keep it simple. A patterned top paired with plain colored pants/ jeans is the perfect combination and way to balance out your everyday outfit. Simplicity is key and you'll get your point across without looking completely crazy.

If you aren't sure where to start, visit any local thrift store. Every thrift store carries a variety of bold colored blouses. (where Christina's shirt is purchased). Wearing outstanding colors and transitioning from fine fall/winter season may seem a little scary, but we challenge you guys to step out of your comfort box and try something new. 

Christal's Look: 1.)tribal top- shoplioness 2.)blazer- forever21 3.)chunky boots: asos 4.)pants- thriftstore

Christina's Style: 1.) top/jeans/shoes- thriftstore

Christal & Christina