Living 15 minutes away from Downtown Los Angeles, I would say sitting in traffic is by far the best part. Not only is it a great opportunity to take a lot of pictures, but you're actually given time to witness so much art and culture right from the freeway and it's absolutely breath taking .

There was just so much art art Lacma (well duh, it is an art museum ... filled with art) and it was all overwhelming. Everything was so calm and it felt like we were on a different planet for the 3 hours we were there. If it was possible, we would have stayed there forever. The entire time you're thinking "WOW someone really made this". We weren't really able to take as many pictures we wanted because it was just too crowded. But besides that and finding a parking space, the day was filed with positive vibes.

Christal & Christina


Where the Wild Things Are

If you're like us, sometimes picking out an outfit is extremely frustrating. The more you pull out clothes out of your closet and notice that nothing is "going together" makes you less confident and makes you want to stay at home. The process of putting together our daily outfits begin at our feet/ accessories. lol I know it may seem a little weird but it's a lot easier. You're able to get an overall idea of what direction you want your outfit to go in because shoes literally determine your outfit. So for this outfit the both of us started backwards; from the bottom and worked our way up.

Christal's Look: 1.) leather hat- Ebay 2.) white jersey crop- made by Christal 3.) leather leggings/safari jacket- thrift store 4.) chunky boots- Asos

Christina's Style:  1.) cat ears- Ebay 2.) polkadot bodysuit- Forever21 3.) flannel/jeans- thriftstore 4.) gold loafers- UO


Flower Elephants

Besides running back and forth and almost breaking our necks from setting the timer on the camera, this post has to be the most fun thus far; full of laughs, loud music and goofing around. Even though spring is here, we still love to incorporate our fall patterns. Both of our shirts were reconstructed by Christal. I'm not sure if you guys remember, but the flower patterned shirt was much longer and Christal cut it into a crop top. Christal's elephant shirt on the other hand, was a long skirt until she transformed it into a lovely top. Before giving/throwing your  clothes away, think about how you can change it up. 

Christal's Look:  1.) elephant shirt/black skirt- made by Christal 2.) chunky boots- asos
Christina's Style: 1.) flower crop/black harem pants- thrift store 2.) glasses- giantvintage

Christal & Christina


Black Velvet

Whoever said senior year was easy, lied. High school testing and applying for universities is finally over. All that's left is prom, senior activities, and graduation. Getting accepted to CSULB with the major of fashion design and fashion merchandising has to be one of our biggest accomplishments (besides our blog). Now that we have more than enough time on our hands, blogging will be more consistent.

As of today we are defining ourselves and our style (hints the new header being a dictionary entry). The Cotton Twins are officially back! As you explore our blog, I'm sure you notice how different it looks. With graduation right around the corner, we figured it was time for change. Not only are we transitioning into a whole new world as young adults, our styles are also changing too. Tell us what you think.

Christal & Christina


Hey Preppy Ft. Scott Morris

All of these photos were shot by our dear friend Marquel, he is one talented photographer.

Can you smell Spring in the air? Living in California, we can definitely feel it. Our outfits were inspired by Zack Morris "Preppy" from Saved By The Bell. We thought it was neccesary to shoot our idea of preppy outfits on a college campus. 

Christal's Look: I'm wearing a 1.) Pink sweater from H&M, 2.) Jeffrey Campbell Zomgs, 3.) Black shorts from the thrift store, & 4.) white button up from the thrift store.

Christina's Style: I'm wearing a 1.) Stripped button up shirt from the thrift store, 2.) Riding Pants from American Apparel, & 3.) Oxfords from Urban Outfitters.


Eighteen Candles

Today is our 18th Birthday!

*All photos were taken by our close friend Stephanie Cuevas