Picture Frames and Hallways

Christal's Look: 1.) White quilted top from Forever 21, 2.)Black shorts, 3.) Boots from Asos.com

Christina's Style: 1.) Black button-up from thrift store, 2.) Brown cardigan from H&M, 3.) Black pants from & 4.) Asos Revolution Ankle boots.

Christal & Christina


Malik Hill

Malik • Hill      noun       /môl lēk/

Philadelphia, PA

22 years old

: Unorthodox, original, and timeless

Synonyms: Daring, colorful, and quirky.

For more looks from Malik from him on : Instagram: thatssomuhleek_  and Tumblr: http://muhxleek.tumblr.com


Red x Matte

 It is safe to say the matte finish is highly favored and a red nail polish adds a mature, fun, and festive look. During Black Friday, the only store we cared about going to was Urban Outfitters. Urban Outfitters can get a little pricey so when we heard they were having a 50% off of sale items we made it a priority to explore Los Angeles and visit Melrose. After glancing over their accessories, we came across tons of nail polish and there it was ... a matte top coat. The matte top coat can be applied on top of your favorite nail polish. Two coats of red nail polish applied first and after allowing to to dry one coat of the matte polish should be applied.

If you like this look you can order both nail polishes on their website:  Red Nail Polish & Matte Nail Polish

What are some of your favorite nail polishes for the fall/winter?

Christal & Christina


Thanksgiving in November

Happy Holidays from Twin Vibes to all of you! We hope everyone single one of you enjoyed Thanksgiving and got super stuffed with turkey and lots of pie. Here is a a recap of what we wore on Thanksgiving.

Christal's Look: 1.) Grey tanktop from Forever21 2.) Kimono from Charolette Russe 3.) Black pants from H&M 4.) Shoes from ASOS.

Christina's Style: 1.) Cami top from H&M 2.) Kimono from Charolette Russe 3.) Grren pants from Thrift store 4.) Leopard oxfords from Forever21.

Christal & Christina


Black Squared

We all have those days where we have no idea what to wear. Simply wearing just one color changes
all of that! We wore black because there's nothing cooler than an all black outfit, but notice how each of our outfits are different. When people wear all black you would expect it to look the same because black is an overall simple color. The next time you're complaining to yourself how you have no clothes to wear, try focusing on one color like black, grey, or even blue. It'll make your outfits look 10 times different.

When you have a style block what do you feel comfortable wearing?

Christal's Look 1.) Leather jacket from Forever 21, 2.) Basic cami tank from H&M, 3.) Black pants from H&M, & 4.) Black chunky boots from Asos.

Christina's Style 1.) Cardigan from DD's 2.) Black pants from the thrift store 3.) Basic black top from H&M 4.)Black chunky shoes from Asos

*All photos were taken by Erin Archer. Follow her on Tumblr: http://erinol.tumblr.com
XOXO, Christal & Christina


Reneisha Davis

Reneisha  Davis         noun       /ˈnēsha/

: Los Angeles, CA

: 19 years old

: diverse, tomboy chick, dark colors, vintage

synonyms:  distinctive, fresh, simple, grudge

For more looks from Reneisha follow her on Instagram: @reneishaxx


Plaids x Grays

We aren't the type to be super dressed up, thats why I (Christal) was so hesitant to buy the skirt with the slit in it. But then I remembered there are multiple ways to style it without looking like I'm over-dressed. The outfits we are both wearing can be styled two ways; it can be dressed up or down. For example, if you're going to a nice dinner you can add a pair of heels to either outfit or if you're going to school you can simply pair the outfits with boots or sneakers.

Christal's Look: 1.) Giant vintage glasses from www.Giantvintage.com 2.) Turtle neck from thrift store, 3.) Black skirt from Urban Outfitters, 4.) Dr. Martens.

Christina's Style: 1.) Plaid button-up from thrift store, 2.) Black jeans from GAP, 3.) Heels from call it spring.