We all have those days where we have no idea what to wear. Simply wearing just one color changes
all of that! We wore black because there's nothing cooler than an all black outfit, but notice how each of our outfits are different. When people wear all black you would expect it to look the same because black is an overall simple color. The next time you're complaining to yourself how you have no clothes to wear, try focusing on one color like black, grey, or even blue. It'll make your outfits look 10 times different.

When you have a style block what do you feel comfortable wearing?

Christal's Look 1.) Leather jacket from Forever 21, 2.) Basic cami tank from H&M, 3.) Black pants from H&M, & 4.) Black chunky boots from Asos.

Christina's Style 1.) Cardigan from DD's 2.) Black pants from the thrift store 3.) Basic black top from H&M 4.)Black chunky shoes from Asos

*All photos were taken by Erin Archer. Follow her on Tumblr:
XOXO, Christal & Christina


  1. LOVE both of your looks!


  2. I'll have the leather jacket and studded boots please!!! xx

  3. Arrrghh you guys have got me screaming over here - I love this!! x

  4. ughh y'all make me wish I had a sister :( love your styles x

  5. I think this will always be my favorite photoshoot of yours!! You both look perffffff!! -Carolina aka Diana :)