Roshe Runs aren't just meant for running. If you look at some of our previous posts, you will notice that we hardly wear any type of tennis shoes or sneakers and believe it or not, these are actually our first pair. Roshe Runs are shoes created by Nike and have a ton of different designs and styles adaptable for just about everyones style.  Since we typically shy away from fluorescent and bright shoes, we bought black, which makes it easier for us to dress them up with a printed blazer, or dress them down with a pair of joggers.

Roshe Runs are the most comfortable shoes that are perfect for walking across campus and can be found online at or in any local shoe store in a mall. Depending if you want to customize a pair, they can cost $30 - $200.

Christal's Look 1.) Black crop top from H&M 2.) Printed Blazer from DD's 3.) Black Pants from H&M 4.) Gold Chain from Charlotte Russe 5.) Black/White Roshe Runs from Nike

Christina's Style 1.) Black crop top from H&M 2.) Black Varsity Jacket from Forever21 3.) Joggers from Ross 4.)Black Roshe Runs from Nike

Christal & Christina


  1. I NEED a pair of Roshe Runs I keep hearing their so comfortable to wear! Feeling your printed blazer Christal and look real 90s with the Kente hat Christina. Great outfits! x

  2. oooh, i'm proud to say that i just got the pair of sneakers on christina!
    so comfy and chic!

    great looks, as always!


  3. I have the black and white pair, they're perfect and so easy to wear !