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We always get asked, "How does it feel to be twin?" Being a twin is great for many reasons!
1. You're born with a best friend. Everywhere you go, especially in new environments you have your twin sister to be with. You can be somewhere when you know absolutely no one, but if you have a twin you already know someone.
2. Share clothes. Your closet automatically expands because you have a twin that just happens to be the same size as you and similar style.
3. Have someone to blog with. Of course blogging by yourself is cool but if you have someone that looks exactly like you to blog with is even COOLER!

We get A LOT of interesting questions about being twins, these are just a few we get quite often.

FAQ's we receive:

1.) Who's the oldest and by how many minutes?
-Christal's the oldest by 14 minutes.

2.) When's your Birthday?
-January 22nd

3.) If one twin gets hit, can the other twin feel it?
-No, lol that would be crazy cool. But no, we are still two different individuals.

4.) Do you guys have twin telepathy?
-No, We don't sit up there and read each others minds, but sometimes we are able to feel each others emotions and sometimes say things at the same time but thats about it.

5.) Who's the mean and nice twin?
-It varies lol. But most of the time Christina is the mean twin & Christal is the nice twin.

6.) Are you guys Identical or Fraternal twins?
-We are identical twins.

7.) Do you both share each others clothes?
-Yes! All the time. 

We wouldn't be able to have Twin Vibes without one another. We enjoy seeing other twins collaborating and blogging as one.
Here are our favorite twin bloggers..

Christal & Christina


  1. Wow, some of your responses to the questions are right on!
    I wish my twin was into style/fashion, we would make a awesome blog duo like you guys, haha! Thank you sharing the other twins,! #TWINPOWER

  2. Hello dear! You're blog is amazing, i'm in love!
    Would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin' and GFC? Let me know on my blog, I follow right back