Who doesn't love an outrageous pattern? Just like a museum, you guys are a walking piece of art. We personally love crazy colors and prints, especially during the spring and summer. It also allows us to accomplish the 80s/90s style(which is our favorite)

Bold patterns with crazy colors will give you the chance to simplify and die down any outfit. Don't over do it. Keep it simple. A patterned top paired with plain colored pants/ jeans is the perfect combination and way to balance out your everyday outfit. Simplicity is key and you'll get your point across without looking completely crazy.

If you aren't sure where to start, visit any local thrift store. Every thrift store carries a variety of bold colored blouses. (where Christina's shirt is purchased). Wearing outstanding colors and transitioning from fine fall/winter season may seem a little scary, but we challenge you guys to step out of your comfort box and try something new. 

Christal's Look: 1.)tribal top- shoplioness 2.)blazer- forever21 3.)chunky boots: asos 4.)pants- thriftstore

Christina's Style: 1.) top/jeans/shoes- thriftstore

Christal & Christina


  1. Amazing outfit inspo, both look lush xx

  2. Love the shirts! You two are so cute!

  3. both the style are so damn cute!

  4. Yesss i love bright bold crazy prints! These outfits rule. You guys look like Solanges back up dancers in a good way! :)

  5. Who doesn't love prints?! Love this ! Thrift stores are the best tbh

  6. I love the outfits, you two are so cute I wish I had a twin lol