Whoever said senior year was easy, lied. High school testing and applying for universities is finally over. All that's left is prom, senior activities, and graduation. Getting accepted to CSULB with the major of fashion design and fashion merchandising has to be one of our biggest accomplishments (besides our blog). Now that we have more than enough time on our hands, blogging will be more consistent.

As of today we are defining ourselves and our style (hints the new header being a dictionary entry). The Cotton Twins are officially back! As you explore our blog, I'm sure you notice how different it looks. With graduation right around the corner, we figured it was time for change. Not only are we transitioning into a whole new world as young adults, our styles are also changing too. Tell us what you think.

Christal & Christina


  1. Geez, you guys just don't stop being cool lol

  2. Wow both your outfits are amazing.

    The flower leggings, creepers and red velvet top is an outfit I would definitely wear. I want to buy it now!

  3. Hey, I have nominated you guys for the Liebster Award on Bloglovin, it's a really cool way to network on the site. You should check it out on my blog and see if you want to join in. x x x

  4. you both are funny! thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! followed! follow me back?:D

  5. You guys are freekin awesome!!